Why Hope & Healing JAX?

Every child is precious.

Hope & Healing JAX equips ALL who touch the lives of children with what they need, so they can give children what they need. 

Every child should feel precious, loved & safe.

Hope & Healing JAX provides a deep understanding of the impact of unresolved trauma and Positive & Adverse Childhood Experiences (PACEs) for children and families through Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®). TBRI®’s Connecting, Empowering and Correcting Principles equip adults to create emotionally safe spaces where kids feel safe and loved, allowing trusting relationships to grow—and adults and children can be and do their best!

Why Hope & Healing JAX?

Trauma is an emotional and physical response that occurs when one’s internal and external resources are not sufficient to cope with external threat.

Trauma can happen at any time in a person’s life, but we know that when experienced during childhood, acute or chronic trauma can interrupt healthy social, emotional, and cognitive development–when left unresolved. Acute traumatic events include things like a shooting in your neighborhood or the devastation of a hurricane. Ongoing physical abuse, poverty, or food and housing insecurity are considered some of the chronic traumatic events that can impact the life of a child.

Trauma doesn’t have to lead to physical and behavioral health problems. Our brains are plastic, or changeable. When caregivers continually show up and lovingly meet children’s needs, trauma can be resolved. Trusting relationships help build strong brains and bodies in children. Healthy foods, water, movement, communication, mindfulness and good sleep patterns all play a part in child wellbeing.

Feeling precious, safe, and loved is healing. 

“No matter how old you are, or how old your child may be, there are scientifically supported and relatively simple steps that you can take to reboot the brain, create new pathways that promote healing, and come back to who it is you were meant to be.”

Why Hope & Healing JAX?

Hope and healing are possible in the lives of children and their families who have experienced trauma.

Positive Childhood Experiences can serve to heal the negative impact of trauma. Hope & Healing JAX training provides understanding, strategies, and skills to strengthen connection and felt safety.

Trauma can be resolved, generations can heal, children & families can flourish.

“When individuals, families and communities experience trauma that goes unresolved, it can interfere with trust in relationships. By understanding trauma and its impact, shifting the mindset from

“What’s the matter with you?” to

               “What happened in your story?”,

exploring pathways to resolving trauma and developing everyday trauma-informed responses and connections will strengthen and support individual and community resilience.”

 Source: Donna Jackson Nakazawa