Every child is precious.

Hope & Healing JAX equips ALL who touch the lives of children with what they need, so they can give children what they need. 

Every child should feel precious, loved & safe.

“The best thing we can do for the children we care for is to manage our own stuff. Adults who’ve resolved their own trauma help kids feel safe.”

Donna Jackson Nakazawa 

At Hope & Healing JAX we Connect & Nurture in all that we do as we…

  • Meet people where they are
  • Develop relationships of felt safety
  • Share knowledge respectfully
  • Provide a safe space for changing mindsets & behaviors
  • Offer new relational skills & strategies
  • Create opportunities to process & practice new skills


As a parent, caregiver or one who serves children and families, you may have experienced ACEs as a child and you may still still feel those effects. What does this mean? Because our brains and bodies are always changing, you can heal by learning healthy ways to deal with stress. When you are better able to handle difficult situations, everyone around you does better, especially children. Understanding what you should expect from children at different ages can also help you when their behaviors are challenging leading to stronger connections.

Hope & Healing JAX’s TBRI Practitioners have a wide variety of expertise and experience as they meet you where you are to deliver the concepts and strategies to develop the skills to connect with and nurture the children in your life.

Connection builds trust, and trust builds healthy relationships. 

TBRI Principles

Connecting Principles: Create connections that disarm fear, gain trust, and enhance learning.

Empowering Principles: Strengthen learning and regulation by meeting a child’s physical and environmental needs.

Correcting Principles: Shape beliefs and behaviors effectively, so children feel safe, protected, and empowered.