Equipping ALL who touch the lives of children with what they need, so they can give children what they need.

Hope & Healing JAX provides:

Trust Based Relational Intervention®/TBRI® Training & Coaching

Hope & Healing JAX Lead Agency

Trauma Informed Care Frameworks for Schools & Organizations

Every child
is precious.

See the child.

TBRI® considers the whole child—brain, biology, behavior, body & beliefs. 

There is

See the need.

TBRI® equips adults with understanding & skills to strengthen connection & felt safety for children.

Every child should feel
precious, loved & safe.

Meet the need.

Behavior is communication. Connection builds trust, and trust builds healthy relationships. 

There is HOPE.

Why Hope & Healing JAX?

Trauma can be resolved, generations can heal, children & families can flourish.

Hope & Healing JAX’s TBRI® training provides understanding, strategies, and skills
to strengthen connection and felt safety. Positive Childhood Experiences can heal trauma.

Connect & Nurture…
in all that we do.

At Hope & Healing JAX, we… 

• Meet people where they are

• Develop relationships of felt safety

• Share knowledge respectfully

• Provide a safe space for changing mindsets & behaviors

• Offer new relational skills & strategies

• Create opportunities to process & practice new skills


Bringing together those already working in Jacksonville to address unresolved trauma and
Positive & Adverse Childhood Experiences (PACEs) to promote healing and build resilience in children, families,
individuals, and the community. Networking to STRENGTHEN and GROW existing EFFORTS.
Provided TBRI training to 10,761 adults who touch the lives of children.
Education Hours:
over 145
Touched the
lives of over
42,000 children

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